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Adrian Grenier Sunglasses

Adrian Grenier, an appealingly scruffy-looking young actor with curly dark hair and piercing green eyes who starred in the high school-set romantic comedy "Drive Me Crazy", seemed poised to claim the teen idol crown. Needless to say, every piece of eyewear he adorns his face with turns out to be his signature glasses. He always finds a way to appear cool and dandy on those Ray Ban aviator sun shades which have melted away so many fans’ hearts. Tired of your dull image and wanna try on a brand new fashionable look?

Adrian Pasdar Sunglasses

A handsome leading man whose brooding dark looks have been used to good effect whether playing a hero or a villain, Adrian Pasdar first caught the attention of astute moviegoers in his film debut as Chipper, one of the fighter pilots, in “Top Gun”. Speaking of which, Adrian Pasdar is really a top gun in wearing his iconic sunglasses. Those trendy sunglasses unexceptionally make him look more stylish and intelligent as well as smart and sharp.

More about Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier is an American actor, musician and director. He is best known for his lead role on the HBO original series, Entourage, as Vincent Chase.

In 1997, Grenier made his film debut in the independent drama Arresting Gena. In 1999, he played opposite Melissa Joan Hart in Drive Me Crazy as well as in Britney Spears' music video " Crazy", and in 2001, starred in James Toback's Harvard Man. In 2002, Grenier made his directorial debut with the documentary, Shot in the Dark. The documentary chronicles his years-long search for his father, with whom Grenier's mother broke up when Adrian was still a baby. Grenier and Dunbar remained estranged for 18 years, and in 2001, Adrian began work on the documentary in an attempt to forge a relationship with Dunbar. The two eventually reunited and maintain a warm relationship. HBO premiered the documentary on June 3, 2007.

In 2004, Grenier landed the lead role in the HBO series Entourage, which has brought him his most substantial notice and success. In 2006, he won a role in The Devil Wears Prada, as Anne Hathaway's boyfriend, Nate.

On June 2, 2008, Grenier's new show, Alter Eco, premiered on Planet Green. The show features the actor and his team of green experts showing changes that can be made to become more eco-friendly.

On September 27, 2010 HBO premiered the documentary Teenage Paparazzo, a film concerning the relationship between the celebrity and society that Grenier worked on for three years as a producer. The work features interviews with celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Alec Baldwin, and Whoopi Goldberg.

In addition to being a filmmaker, Grenier is also a musician, playing guitar, drums, French horn, and the piano. He is a member of two New York bands, lead singer in Kid Friendly and drummer in The Honey Brothers.

More about Adrian Pasdar

Adrian Kayvan Pasdar is an American actor, voice artist, and film director. He is known for playing Jim Profit on the TV series Profit, for his roles in Near Dark, Carlito's Way, Mysterious Ways and as Nathan Petrelli on Heroes. Additionally, he directed the feature film Cement. Pasdar is the current voice of Iron Man in Marvel Anime, as well as in the upcoming animated series, Ultimate Spider-Man.

Pasdar married lead singer Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks in June 2000. The couple first met in May 1999, with Maines as a bridesmaid to her bandmate Emily Robison and Pasdar as a groomsman to his friend singer-songwriter Charlie Robison. They were married in Las Vegas's Little White Wedding Chapel, in a $55 no-frills ceremony officiated by the chapel's "Pastor Ann". They have two children, Jackson Slade Pasdar and Beckett Finn Pasdar and live in Los Angeles, California and Austin, Texas.

He has a tattoo of an anchor on his arm. His children's names are written on it. It symbolizes that his family is his anchor and support in life. He also has a tattoo of the Chinese character for Strength, which he got while filming Shanghai 1920。

Pasdar is a guitarist for charity rock band Band from TV. Part of the proceeds from the band's concerts go to his nominated charity, the Rush Epilepsy Center. Pasdar was arrested on January 27, 2010 on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.