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children’s vision

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  • I noticed my little son only 8 year old always watches TV or listens with head turned to left and using her right ear to hear and right eye to see. I have brought him to the eye doctor to have his ears and eyes checked. There were no problem with his ear. His right eye was 25, while the left was 20- but could that small of a vision difference be why he turns his head?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : William clive -2 answers -02/13/2014
  • I just got a prescription from my eye doctor, and he said that I have a slight eye astigmatisms . My mum had a severe astigmatisms when he was young but recently he has a laser eye surgery and now he don't have to wear glasses anymore. Is it possible that I inherited an eye astigmatisms from him? My doctor said I have slight astigmatisms and don't have to wear glasses at present. Will my eye astigmatisms go away itself at last or will it be worse? I am 16 year old!
    In Eye Health -Asked by : walkerpaul -5 answers -02/19/2014
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