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rommel abad

Does lip balm help your eyelashes grow?

I read somewhere that lip balm can help the growth of eyelashes. Does it really work? Can i do that?
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Answers (2)

  • Elijah

    Ok, I quite undestand how you feel and your eagerness to have longer and attractive eyelashes. Anyway, here I have an idea, you could try to put some olive oil at the root of your eyelashes, which could help them grow faster and healthier. Also, try to pay attention to your health and leave the rest to God. I think you also need some healthy foods with vitamins.
  • Christopher

    Well, yes, lip balm can just help the growth of eyelashes. Generally speaking, there are many ways you can just have a try to make your eyelashes appear longer. For example, green tea helps in growing your eyelashes fuller and thicker. But on the other hand, lip balm can be used too. For example, you can just grab a lip balm or Chap Stick and apply it your lashes, going from the inner corner of your eye to the other end. And then just repeat same method to the other eye. It is better to apply this method in the evening and to leave it for the whole night so that the lip balm absorbs properly. Anyway, it can be effective.

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