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Ana evelyn

Is bad eyesight genetic?

I just want to know if eyesight genetic? I mean. If i have bad eyesight. Will my baby born with bad eyesight? Any idea?
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  • croatiadiary

    The morbidity of myopia is different from the families with and without myopia history. That is meaning there really has the relationship between the family genes and the eyesight. However, most of the happening of eyes diseases is relative to the effect of the environment factors. The bad illumination, bad reading habits and working custom will have more affect to the vision and eyesight. Long time's working and reading without relax, the eyes muscle will be always intensive and contract condition, this kind of condition would make people's bad vision. The genes and environmental factor plays together with the eyesight, but the people who have the bad vision family history will be more likely to get the myopia and other eyes diseases.
  • Caitlin lee

    Yes, it will affect their children's eyesight if parent have poor eyesights. For example, if parents have high myopia, their child still is likely born with good vision. But if their children are in high risks to suffer myopia compared other children. Usually, some people have poor eyesight because of some eye disases, their child are likely inherit their poor eyesights. But if the poor eyesight caused by injuries, their child won't affected by their parents.
  • Vidadimir

    The eyesight will be genetic if your bad eyesight is born to be. That is to say, your baby may have high possibility to have the bad eyesight. However, if your bad eye sight is caused by the bad habit of using eyes, your baby may not have the similar eye sight like you. But you should take notice of his use of eyes, keeping the good habit of using eyes.
  • walgru

    I can see that you really care about your baby, and you have poor vision. So, as a matter of fact, vision could be partly genetic. But that does not have the final say about your baby's eye health. Environmental factors and the way of using eyes could also have influence on the vision of your baby. Anyway, try to pay more attention to your baby in the future and take it to the hospital on a regular basis. Good luck.

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