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Eric quick

What does yellowing of the eyes look like?

I just heard of yellow eyes but never seen it.I just wondering what does yellowing of the eyes look like? Any idea?
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  • Mackenzie raphael

    Yellow eyes might be caused by macular degeneration, which is quite common amongst middle aged people because of their work stress, staying up late, high BP, diabetes, etc. So, once got that, your eyes appear to be weird and your vision sharply decrease. Anyway, you must try to protect your eyes as much as possible. Try to get some eye exam regularly.
  • enternalhate

    The yellowing of the eyes are just the ones with the yellow pupils which could be observed from the surface of the eyeballs. The yellowing of the eyes could be caused by your liver problems which you should check out clearly in the hospital. You should keep the good diet and good rest to protect the eyes to make them to be healthy.

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