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Eric quick

Will eye twitching go away?

In recent days, i suffer eye twitches. What causes it? Will the eye twitching go away itself by the time?
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  • Jerry

    Ok,Twitching eyes could be a sign of your eye health problem. Because generally speaking, twitching eyes could be resulted from lack of sleep, bad use of your eyes, physical disorders, or some infections which make the nerves around your eye muscles pressured. So, if the causes of your problem go away, everything could be fine. So, just try to consult a doctor first.
  • Logan hall

    The eye twitches usually as a result of three common reasons. These are fatigue stress, or drinking too much caffeine. It usually lasts for a few days and then it is gone. During this time, it is helpful to try to get a lot of rest, try to relax yourself and avoid caffeinated beverages. This can help make the eye stops twitching quicker. If it is too serious, you should see a doctor in time. They can easily diagnose why your eye twitches. Their treatment will make your eye stop twitching.

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