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Is steam good for eyes?

I heard that steam can make eyes comfortable when we feel tired. But i never tried it. Is there anyone who has such experience? Does it really work?
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  • walkietalkie1


    Yes. I have tired. It can make eyes feel better temporarily when you feel tired. But, if fact, it won't help your eyes too much. If you feel discomfort in your eyes because of tired, you shall take a good rest, do some eye exercises or massage your eyes, it can help you release tired eyes. Besides, you can also use some eye drops that can also help people who need spend long time on focusing something. Hope this can help you.
  • Brooke peters


    It's true that people can benefit from steam. Adding steam to the air is an effective way to increase the humidity and moisture in a room, which aids in easing breathing and dry skin conditions. If you get dry eyes, go to take a hot shower will provide automatic relief. The steam will help bring moisture to your eyes. And apply a warm washcloth and holding it over the affected eye or eyes. Heat helps tears flow, which will diminish your dry eye symptoms. Steam can help with opening the breathing passages as well as your nasal passages, and any sinus congestion, which is good to your clean blood vessels and cells. Many eye problems because of infections. Steam, especially hot shower has a great effect on getting rid of virtus and germs in our body. So steam does really work for eyes. If you want to keep eye health, you can use hot towel to wash eyes and clean hands frequently.
  • csky4


    Yes, the steam would make eyes feel comfortable when your feel tired. It really has scientific evidence and really works. Because the hot steam would embrace the eyeballs as well as the eye sockets, you know there is full of blood vessels around them, so the hot steam will make them feel relax and comfortable. It would increase the circulation of blood around your eyes just as the hot compress. So the tired eyes will feel relief. The dry eyes will get nourishing after this method. But please take care that keep a certain distance for your eyes and hot water, or it will be burnt by the water.