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Luke shelley

Does allergies cause yellow eyes?

I heard that allergies can lead to yellow eyes. Really? How can allergies affect on eyes?
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  • neva taylor

    No, it is not true. Allergies won't lead to yellow eyes. As to yellow eyes, it means the sclera, the white part of eyes, takes a yellowish tinge. As to the abnormal color, it is jaundice to be blamed for. Bilirubin builds up in blood, which is yellowish pigmented, so that the sclera and skin of patients are getting yellowish. The bilirubin is processed by liver and is delivered into intestine with bile and finally is expelled in defecation. So if people have yellow eyes and skins, there might be some problem with liver or gall bladder or blood. As to allergies' impact on eyes, it would make eyes red, watery, itchy and eyelids swelling. The first thing you should do is to get rid of allergens so that allergic reaction can clear out very soon.
  • everybody_cares

    Well, yes, allergies can just cause yellow eyes too. So you just need to prevent your eyes from allergies. Generally speaking, there are many reasons which can cause yellow eyes, such as lifestyles, iron deficiency, coffee, even smoking, and drinking. But on the other hand, allergies can be possible too. So you need to pay more attention to it. Also, allergies can affect eyes, leading to some other problems, such red eyes, pink eyes, even watery eyes too.
  • crusanov

    Yellow eyes are most possible to be caused by narrowing or obstruction bile duct, liver diseases, cancer, jaundice and some other problems. Vitamin A may also lead to yellowish in skin and eyes. Well, it is wired. But it is true that too much vitamin A supplements do harmful to people. It is easy to get yellow eyes and yellow skin, especially yellowish palm and foot. Allergies is hard to cause yellow eyes. Allergies causes many eye problems indeed, such as pink eye, dry eye, blurred vision and red eyes. However, there is no any study that claimed allergies is one cause of yellow eyes.

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