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Rickey Stumphf

How to get rid of color blindness?

Is there any treatment that can help me get rid of color blindness? Please help.
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  • Matthew baker

    There are people who are indeed medically color blind. They can see colors but they have trouble distinguishing between certain colors like green and red. Well, there are two different types of color blindness. One is the most common type—red-green color deficiency, there is no treatment is needed, because you function normally. You may not be aware that you do not see colors the way they are seen by others. The other is acquired color vision blindness.
  • Mark

    At present, there is no treatment for color blindness. And it can be inherited from generation to generation. Luckily, people who can not tell apart colors can wear a kind of glasses to change the situation. The glasses is achromatopsia glasses. If it is not convenient, you can wear color contact lenses. Then you can tell apart colors as people whose eyes are normal.

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