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Carlos quick

Where could I get fake eyeglasses?

Where could I get fake eyeglasses (in the Bay Area near S.F.)? They are like vision glasses but they are plastic instead of glass and they are not for vision purposes. Thank you! (Yes, I know you can get them at Claire's and I already tried Salvation Army! Please don't ask me why I need them). Thank you in advanced!
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Answers (4)

  • You can buy them at, or forever 21 or wet seal. Or you can google for cute readers online. That's what they're called and they are popular right now.
  • Cathy Dailey There are so many Fake glasses for you to choose. I have bought 1 pair of prescription glasses on this website. The glasses are OK. Better than what I thought. They are affordable. You can have a try. Though they are a little expensive than some fake glasses. But they are better than fake glasses. Good luck!
  • Beth

    You can have a look at The glasses sold by this online store are very cheap. But I have to claim that I haven't bought a pair of glasses from this online optical store. If you want to buy a pair of prescription glasses, I won't recommend this store because I think the quality of their products might be not very good. But if you just want to buy a pair of fake glasses. It can be a good choice when take money into consideration. Good luck!
  • colddaz

    Dude, have a look at Where Can I buy fake eyeglasses for fashion? There are many good suggestions for you to choose from. Hope this helped! Good luck!

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