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Gabriel leonard

Is there a cure for eye floaters

I can see eye floaters now and then. How can i treat it? How can i get rid of eye floaters ?
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  • classynottrashy

    It's very common, many people have eye floater too.There are a few different things that can cause this, but in most cases these eye floaters are caused by something breaking off from the back portion of your eye and then floating about in your eye ball. Normally, eye floaters need no treatment. It will remain in you eyes, but it won't interfere your vision, so the best thing you can do is ignore it. If the floaters are dense and affect your vision, your doctor may consider a surgical procedure.
  • b0wfing3r

    Eye floaters is usually seen in the group of aged people. Eye floaters refers to the unusual phenomenon of seeing black spots flying in front of people's eyes especially when they are in a bright circumstances with blue skies or white walls. Generally speaking, eye floaters is caused by the pathological changes in the vitreous body. Therefore eye floaters is actually called vitreous body choas.
  • eddy

    There are various causes for the appearance of floaters, of which the most common are described here. Simply stated, any damage to the eye that causes material to enter the vitreous humour can result in floaters. Now, there are two ways to treat. First is vitrectomy. For most cases, vitrectomies can treat floater successfully. However, complications do occur, including retinal detachment, residual floaters, cataracts etc. The other way is laser vitreolysis. However, this treatment is controversial.

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