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Can yoga cure eye floaters ?

I have eye floaters now and then. My friend said that it is normal to have it because of myopia. But i think it is bothersome. What shall i do? Can yoga really cure eye floaters?
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  • Alexa

    No, yoga can't cure your eye floaters. It is well known that yoga can help to keep fitness, but that's all. It relieves body pains, improves blood circulation, accelerates metabolism and maintains hormonal balance. But the effects taken very slowly. You need to consult a doctor first, as you have to make sure if your eye floaters are the result of natural aging process or a sudden omen of a serious eye disease. Here are the treatments for eye floaters: 1. To haveeyeball massage 2. To blink your eyes more 3. To avoid fatigue. Never overuse your eyes 4. To eat more oranges and other fruits. Drink more water. 5. To have a better lifestyle and have enough sleep. Never stay up late. 6. If you are over 40, you had better use bifocal lenses.
  • candylndsuicide

    It is really bothersome to have the eye floaters now and then. It may be related with your myopia. But it may be caused by your bad use of eyes in the bad habit. You do not care about the hygiene which causes the eye floaters. The yoga could help your eye floaters to some degree because of the aerobic exercise. However the eye floaters could be cured with eye drops with anti-inflammation which you need to use.
  • Brandon

    Well, yes, yoga can treat eye floaters. And first, these floaters are bits of cellular debris which come and go without treatment. To some people, these "floaters" look like spots, and tiny threads. And generally speaking, most of the time they are nothing to worry about, but sometimes they can be a symptom of a tear in your retina. And according to some experts, yoga can be good for body health, but also eye problems. For example, it can just do a help to eye floaters. Also, for eye floaters, you can just apply some oil, such as black seed oil. Anyway, just take care of your eyes.

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