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Caroline hill

Can i wear contacts with prism glasses?

I I have to wear prism glasses to get good vision. But i want to wear my colored contact lenses. So, can i wear them at the same time? Any idea?
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  • giles

    Yes, you could wear them at the same time. However the colored contact lenses should be with no prescription which is just used for the look. You could use the prism glasses to help you get the right vision to see things clearly. Now a lot of people try this way to help them have the right vision and cool look.
  • walkercub76

    Yes, you can wear your contact lenses when you are wearing prism glasses. That's because decorative or plano won't change your eyesight but only change the look of your eyes. You are now a nearsighted or farsighted person without correction. Therefore, you need to get your vision corrected and refracted through prism glasses.
  • chatter_box505

    The degree of invisible glasses and frame glasses are not same, but you can choose right degree of them if you want to wear invisible glasses and frame glasses at the same time. If your vision is within 400 degrees , the contact lenses you choose should be 25 degrees lower than prism glasses. And if your eyesight is higher than 400 degrees, you should select contact lenses that are 50 degrees lower than prism glasses. By this means, it makes no difference when you wear contact lenses with prism glasses.
  • Rebecca

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    Prism cannot be incorporated in contact lenses (although you can have a very small amount vertically usually in a rigid lens) so unless you can manage without the prism you will not be suitable.

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