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How to keep your eyes looking young ?

I want to keep young. Do you have any idea? What can i do to make my eyes look young?
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  • Jason lester

    In order to keep your eyes look young, you should avoid the wrinkles around the eyes. You should not sleep late at night which will easily cause the wrinkles around your eyes. You should also use the oil essentials to adopt on the surrounding parts of the eyes to make the eyes feel comfortable. You need to keep the healthy diet to make the eyes look young. In a word, the healthy diet and good rest will keep the young look of your eyes.
  • handshakedevon

    Age related problems and irregular life style can cause eye wrinkles, black circles and eye bags, which can make you look old and tired. Apply Wrinkle-Smooth Night Cream under your eyes at night, or Plastic surgery also can help you get rid of eye bags, botox injection also can reduce eye wrinkles. And having a regular life style can prevent you from those age related eye problems.
  • cha0s_engel

    First of all, you need bright and clear eyes to look young. If you have vitreous opacity, you may look old and ill. Secondly, young eyes have elastic eyelids and eye skin. If you have eye bags under your eyes, you may appear to be at least 10 years older that your age. Thirdly, thick eyelashes make your eyes biger and younger. You know why women like to wear false eyelashes. Last but not the least, you should have affirmative and vibrant eye expression. Eyes are the windows of one's soul. If you have a young attitude, your eyes can tell it.

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