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How to know if you have ptosis ?

One of my colleagues just called me and asked for leave because of ptosis. I just want to know how to tell if a person have ptosis?
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  • Mackenzie rose

    If the person's eyelid get loose at the skin and at the same time show the droopy symptom, he or she is mostly possible to get the ptosis. They could use the oil essential to adopt on the eyes surrounding parts to make the eyes get intense at the skin. They should not stay up late at night which will make the ptosis get serious. The food with vitamin C could also help them reduce the ptosis.
  • Jacqueline warren

    Ptosis is also know as droopy eyelids, is very common in older people, mostly it can be caused by eye injury, disease and age problems. Ptosis appears as a drooping of the upper eyelids, and it can be in just one eye, or both eyes. Ptosis can abstract your vision and cause tiredness and aching of your eyes.
  • Cassy

    There is a way checking if you have ptosis, that is relaxing your forehead and stretching the brow firstly. Then, measuring the upper eyelid position when your eyeballs extremely down at somewhere and the upper eyelid position on the extreme to gaze at something. Please remember digital differential and compare it with normal persons'. As far as i know, the difference of normal person is above 8 millimeters, but if yours is about 4 millimeters, you may have got ptosis.

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