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Is it safe to drink tears ?

What will happen if a person take a tears? Is drinking tears causes any damages to eyes?
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  • hand_and_soul

    Well, of course, it is fine to drink tears. And it will not cause any problems in your body, even your eyes. So you do not need to worry about it. Generally speaking, as we know that tears come from eyes, and it can be very essential for our eyes. And if tear system does not work; it may lead to some eye problems, such as watery eyes, dry eyes. But it will be ok to drink tears, which are kind of salty.
  • Anita

    It's just like drinking a mixture of salty waters with some oil and mucus. There is no toxicant in it. Normally, you don't get any side effects from drinking your own tears. But this is when the person is healthy. If a person is suffering from conjunctivitis which is contagious, there must be too many germs in his tears. As long as you touch his tears, you many be infected. Not to mention to drink it.
  • Shavonda D

    Take it easy, nothing will happen after you take tears. Even though it is reported that tears contain toxic substance, a little tear can not make you poisoned. And it can not cause any damage to eyes. While, long time cry can cause puffy eyes, eye bags and red eyes and headache. Put a bag of ice over your eyes after crying to prevent eye bags.
  • camzron

    Ok, sounds like you are very curious about that right. It is true our eyes are connected with other 4 sense organs which means that tears would flow into our throat and be swallowed sometimes. However, that simply does no harm to us and our health. Because tears are made up of nothing harmful and they are absolutely compatible with our health. But I don't think anyone likes to drink these stuff right?

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