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Daniel christian

Is cayenne pepper good for the eyes?

A friend suggested me to eat cayenne pepper, and he told me that it is good for my eyes. Really? How come?
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  • walkn0nsunshine

    It depends. I read online that peppers are used in American native medicine. It is said that pepper can increase the blood circulations in the eyes. From this point, it is good for eyes to get cayenne pepper. But it may also bring side effects. And the most common side effects of cayenne pepper is that you may feel l intense burning and stinging if you take too much. In my opinion, you can take some pepper properly, not too much.
  • Sara scott

    Oh, dear lord, who told you cayenne pepper is good for your eyes. On the contrary, it is very irritating for your eyes. According to what I know, cayenne pepper can lead to a series of side effects such as an eye infection. You know, a virus, bacteria or fungus can enter any corner of your eyes. So you had better keep your eyes away from cayenne pepper. Also, you know, pepper contains capsaicin which will add the pain to your skin. And once it enters your eyes, your eyes will feel burning and stinging. Your eyes will water at that time. Anyway, don' t use cayenne pepper to do anything to your eyes, which will be really silly.

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