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Is steam good for dry eyes ?

I read online that steam is good for dry eyes. Really? What benefit can i get from dry eyes?
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  • walker67

    Using steam smoke eyes is a treatment that comes from traditional Chinese medical science, so it has a good effect on dry eyes in this way. And i want to tell you the details, that is to say, the component parts of steam are wild chrysanthemum flowers, peppermints, mulberry leaves and so on. Steam eyes twice a day.
  • Mariah shelley

    To some degree, steam will be good for your dry eyes. However it is temporary. in order to cure your dry eyes, it should be from the inner treatment. You should eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes. It is so effective and workable. You should not sit in front of the computers for a long time which will make the dryness of the eyes get serious.
  • cnpriest

    Yes, steam can help to alleviate dry eyes. Steam can lubricate your eyes and relieve the drying in your eyes by permeating in the air. In addition, it can increase peripheral humidity. You can also add some herbal medicine into the steam so that they can prevent or treat the open sore or infection as the complications of dry eyes syndrome.

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