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How can I get contact lenses with the prescription my opthamologist gave me?

I've worn contact lenses for a few years. For my most recent check-up, I switched to an opthamologist who does not work with an optician. The opthamologist says that the prescription he gave me can get me contact lenses (as well as glasses), but he did not explain how. With my old optometrist, he'd examine my eyes, have me try a pair of contacts and then I'd order them in his office.
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  • 04/13/2012

    the new opthamologist ask you to get contacts elsewhere cuz he doesn't sell them in his office . Generally it will be much cheaper if you get them from other place . You just need to take your prescription to any optical store and tell your require , they will make the contacts for you ,it is easy . or you can order it online .there will be a form to fill in your prescription .
  • Kelsey McNew


    Now that you have prescription, just go glasses shop to purchase contact lenses with your prescription. The seller will give you the right contact lenses. Or you can also buy them online for cheap prices. Order contact lenses with prescription, or you can contact their customer service, and told them what your want like you buy clothes online. Then, you can waiting for contact lenses to your house.