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How can i stop myself from rubbing my eyes?

I just want to rub my eyes to reduce the itching. But i know it is bad for eyes. Is there any good way that can help me stop from rubbing my eyes?
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  • Caroline hill

    Of course you can. Constantly rubbing eyes will lead to redness and irritation in eyes. You can wash your eyes with warm water and wipe them with hot washcloth to reduce fatigue and sore in eyes Also, drop some counter eye drops can relieve irritation, pain and itchy in eyes. Finally, take a good rest and stay fit. Your itching in eyes is most possible to be caused by fatigue and tiredness. It is okay. Take easy.
  • Jonathan griffin

    The key is to relieve your itchiness. You want to rub your eyes to reduce the itchiness, so the culprit is the itchiness. You need hot compress to relieve the itchiness. You will feel much better. What's more, you need antibiotic eye ointments or eye drops. Keep your hands clean so that less bacteria can get into your eyes.
  • b1ttersw33t7

    Well, apart from rubbing the eyes, you need to be more careful about eye itching. In general, itchy eyes are always associated with some more serious diseases, such as dry eyes, allergies, allergic conjunctivitis(contain seasonal allergic conjunctivitis and perennial allergic conjunctivitis) and blepharitis. Obviously, if you do not suffer the eye itchy, you will certainly not rub your eyes any more. Further, when you touching your eyes, the germs from your hands can inevitably enter into our eyes may leading to bacterial infection. Now, you need to shut up your windows and run the air conditioner to reduce the allergens, especially in spring. Besides, you need to avoid smoking. On safe side, if it does not get better in 1-3 days, you had better go to see doctor and take some medicine(like allegra or zyrtec) to relieve the irriation, redness or dryness of your eyes.

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