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Is it possible to wear contact lenses over contact lenses?

I am attending a cosplay contest and I was planning on getting some Uchiha contact lenses. I am as blind as a bat and getting the lenses with my prescription would be too expensive. I already own contact lenses so I was wondering if maybe I can put my normal contact lenses and then put the uchiha over them.
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  • 04/14/2012

    it is commonly know as stacking the contacts . I have see several case like yours . It is terrible . It will definitely not work well and will damage your eyes . So don't try it at the risk of sacrificing your eye health . Never !
  • elmo01


    Do you mean you want to wear two pairs of contact lenses at one time? Why? I don't it is wise. If you want to wear colored contact lenses for a cosplay and also get vision aids, you can choose prescription colored contact lenses. Now, you can find prescription contact lenses with colors. Why not have a try?
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