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Trinity rose

What are dangers of sharing eye makeup?

My mom told me not sharing eye makeup with others. Or it may hurt our eyes. Is this true? What are the dangers that i may suffer if i do it?
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  • Justin fergus

    Yes, there is no denying that you can share your secrets and your dreams with your friends, but not your makeup, because makeup brushes and applicators can easily carry bacteria from one person to another. The obvious influence of sharing eye makeup is spreading eye infections, such as pink eyes and conjunctivitis. In a word, keep your eye makeup fresh and keep eye diseases away from you.
  • walkingthesky

    What your mum says is right. Sharing eye makeup will not be good for your eyes which may let your eyes get infection because of the contagious bacterium. If you share the eye makeup with others, you could just get the bacterium because of the inner bad chemical materials. You should not do this. You should better do the makeup of eyes little which will be bad for your eyes.
  • Miranda

    Yes, your mom is right. As we know, eye makeup is very personal and our eyes are sensitive. Sharing eye makeup, you eyes may get infected. And this will cause cross infection. Some eye disease is not obvious, so you may also catch eye disease. What's more, you may not suitable for others' make up. So you had better use your own.

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