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Does rubbing your eyes make pink eye worse?

I got pink eyes and my eyes feel itchy. Can i rub it? Or rubbing eyes can make the pink eyes more serious?
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  • Jerry


    No, you cannot rub your eyes, because our hands are stained with tiny bacteria or germs which are invisible to the naked eyes. If you rub your eyes with hands, it can worsen the situation and aggravate the infection. You can apply warm or cool compresses over your eyelids to make yourself feel better. Wish you better soon.
  • ebarnes1621


    No, definitely you should not rub your eyes when you get pink eyes, even when the eyes are very itchy, because rubbing the eyes will lead to more serious conditions. When people get pink eyes, there will be secretion coming out in the eyes, therefore, rubbing the eyes will make the secretion infect the eyes again and lead to the secondary pollution to the eyes. In addition, rubbing the eyes also can easily cause some friction to the eyes and aggravate the conditions, even eye hemorrhage. Besides, there are innumerable amounts of bacteria on your hands, and rubbing your eyes can bring the bacteria into your eyes as well. When you get pink eyes, the first thing to do is to go to the doctor's for correspondent treatment, apply the relevant eye drops to your eyes everyday. Remember not to rub your eyes even when your eyes feel really itchy. You can use physiological saline to wash clean the secretion in your eyes. The washbasin and towels you use should not be shared with others in case of infection. Eat more vegetables and fruits, do not eat spicy foods or drink alcohol. Take good rest and keep using the eye drops even when the pink eyes have faded away.
  • Carlos


    Of course, pink eye is an inflammation of the conjunativa. In most cases, it is caused by infection or allergy. As you know, our hands contain many bacterium. As a result, if you rub your eyes, your eyes will worse. Itching is one of symptoms of pink eye. So think for yourself, you had better not rub your eyes again. And here is the following advices. Do not wear contact lens. Second when wash your eyes, clean from inside to outside in case of infection. Third, you can take eye drops and eye ointment to remit itch. In addition, different causes have different treatment, so if the condition is serious you can go to see the doctor.