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Cassidy bell


Does crying make dry eye worse?

I have dry eyes. Usually, i use eye drops to help my vision. It is terrible. I just wonder if crying can help dry eyes? Or it make dry eyes more serious?
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  • Jocelyn


    Well, in my opinion, too much crying can just make your dry eye become serious. So just be careful about it. First, you should know that if your eyes do not make enough tears to coat the eye, dry eye may occur. Also, for the causes, some factors such as vitamin a deficiency, eye infection. And when you suffer from dry eyes, your eyes will feel discomfort, including irritation, burning, grittiness, redness, tearing, and itchy. At this moment, you can try some ways to treat it. Of course, using some eye drops can be a good way for your itchy eyes. But also, you need to go and see the eye doctor who can give some advices, if your situation becomes serious.
  • everybody_cares


    Yes, tearing will add the heavy burden of our eyes and the muscles around our eyes tend to strain. When we have eye dryness, we will have insufficient and poor quality tearing unabling to lubricate the eye tissues fully to make us feel better. Besides, the more strain the eye muscles have, the worse your eyes' condition is. Furthermore, the components of our tears are also very important. Once crying, our eyes will produce a very salty tear worsing dry eyes. As a result, such tearing will make eye dryness more serious rather than fascinating your eyes and easing the dryness. So, a peaceful mind can help you and some methods for individual emotional relief are needed to lessen the burden of our eyes.