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Faith fergus

Do you prefer to wear contacts or designer glasses?

Do you prefer to wear contacts or designer glasses?
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  • In fact ,I don't like to wear neither of them cuz I have got used to my regular glasses . But if I have to choose one ,I would prefer designer glasses. Contacts are too troublesome to clean and uncomfortable to wear . I will have problems putting them on .designer glasses will look good on me .
  • duncan

    If i have to make a choice, i prefer to eyeglasses. It is really inconvenience to wear contact lenses. And wearing contact lenses hurt eyes. Unlike contact lenses, eyeglasses are much more convenience. You can take on or take off the glasses any time and anywhere. And you don't worry the eyeglasses will cause infection to your eyes. It is a easy and good way to get clear vision from prescription eyeglasses.

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