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Why are my pupils so small?

Do you guys know what causes my pupils to be so small? Do I need to worry about this?
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  • williams

    Firstly, sunlight can affect one's judgement about the size of your pupils. That is , strong sunlight may let people feel how small your pupils are. Secondly, different medications also causes of small pupils. Take it easy. If the two pupil are equal in size and that they are reactive to light, that means the neurological network in the brain that controls the pupils is working properly. And pupil size does not mean small eyes. And eye size cannot be changed naturally.
  • gerard

    The size of the pupil always changes depending on the distance, light Intensity, as well as the drug effect change. In fact, in people's life, pupil size with the age growth make a periodic change, 1 year old child has smaller pupil diameter due to the eye muscle develop incompletely. Young people and adults have lager pupils. 40 years old and older people have complex narrow pupil diameter. And the pupil of myopia greater than hyperopia, clear greater than sleep. Strong light stimulus, emotional excited and violent pain will change pupils narrow. In short, in normal circumstances, the size of the pupil is in continuous dynamic changes.

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