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Can fish oil cause eye irritation?

I happened to get fish oil in my eye this morning and now it still hurts a little. I am wondering if I will get eye irritation because of that. What should I do?
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Answers (2)

  • walkyr

    It is possible to cause eye irritation. In fact, everything can possibly cause eye irritation. And it depends on each people. Because everyone have different reaction to something. And according to your description, it seems that your eyes are irritated by fish oil. Personally, you‘d better consult an eye doctor so as to get a better treatment for the eyes.
  • Warren

    I am sorry to heard that. To help your eyes, you shall wash your eyes with clean water as soon as possible. You may feel discomfort at the first. But it would be better as times goes by. However if your eyes still suffering, you'd better ask help from a doctor. And it is very hard to tell if you get eye irritation from that since people react differently for the same thing. But so far, i didn't meet any person who are irritated to the eyes.

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