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Melissa garcia

What does ds on eyeglasses prescription mean?

I am always very wondering that what ds on my eyeglasses prescription means. Do you guys know about this?
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Answers (3)

  • croatiadiary

    The DS has the same meaning as character"SPH". And it means that you needn't correct vision. For example, if you find DS under CYL, it means you have no astigmatism and 0.00 is the option required to choose. Also, SPH, PL are all stands for no correction needed in this value entry. In fact, you needn't trouble yourself with these figures. Just give your prescription to an optician, S/he will know how to deal with your prescription eyeglasses.
  • castlemedic

    Well, ds is telling u there is no cylinder or axi except your sphere number. Actually, this doesn't matter a lot cuz u just follow the professional guys's advice and they will prepare everything for u. Besides this, there are several professional terms that are in relation with prescription glasses such as pwr, os and so on. U don't need to feel puzzled.
  • Victor Lee

    A cylinder shaped band of high or lower diopter, that may be added to a lens to correct for astigmatism. It may be left blank or have "DS" meaning no Cylinder correction is necessary.

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