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What is power meaning on contact lenses?

Do you guys know what power means on contacts?
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  • Michelle

    The power is the same as the prescription in eyeglasses. They are the measurement that the prescription you needed to correct your vision. For examples, if you have contact lens power of -3.00. It means that your eyes are required vision aids with-3.00 power contact lenses. If you still are confused with it, you can consult an eye doctor.
  • duncan

    First of all, u need to know that your eyeglasses prescription can't equal to your contacts prescription. In most cases, contacts prescription is lower than eyeglasses prescription. It is because contacts are kind of similar to medical stuff. You can consider getting an eye exam from your eye doctor to get to know your power on your lenses. By the way,do not order contacts online cuz there are so many fake and inferior contacts that can damage your eyes.

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