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Luke shelley

Is essential oil working for eye twitching?

Can essential oil work well to eye twitching?
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  • cabanaboy01

    IN common, eye twitching can be caused by tiredness, sleeping deficiency, too much coffee/ alcohol consumption etc. And eye twitching is harmless. They can come and go themselves. Sometimes, eye twitching can come go several hours. And in common, eye twitching needn't a cure unless you got allergy or infection. And massage eyes with essential oil can help reduce dark eye circles or eye wrinkles. But i never heard that essential oil can stop eye twitching.
  • manny

    Dear friend, I think essential oil can't stop eye twitching. If you want to cure your twitching eyes, you must find out the causes of your twitching eyes. If your twitching eyes were caused by stress, you should learn to relax yourself from tired works and have some entertainment every day. If your twitching eyes were caused by eye strain, you may not sleep well in the night or using eyes for a long time and you should catch up some sleeps and rest your eyes every hour during your work. If your twitching eyes were caused by jaw clenching or teeth grinding, the strain on the jaw muscles causes your eyes to twitch, you may need to wear a mouth guard at night and doing a little self massage on your jaw in the meantime. If your twitching eyes were caused by alcohol or caffeine, you may need to reduce the consumption. If it were caused by dry eyes, you could apply some artificial tears to reduce your symptoms and further prevent your eyes from twitching.

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