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Connor nelson

How to make eye floaters go away ?

I bothered by eye floaters recently. What shall i do? How to make them go away?
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Answers (2)

  • Brooke peters

    Eye floaters are harmless. And eye floaters are often happen to people with vision problems. They won't affect your vision. However, the can affect the way that you focus to other objects. You shall try to focus things in other way that avoid the eye floaters. And finally, your brain will learn to ignore it. In fact, eye floaters can come and go themselves. So, you don't worry too much about them.
  • Paige williams

    Don't worry, eye floaters usually go away themselves with the time. However, they can come and go now and then. But they are harmless. So, you have to get used to eye floaters. Just try to ignore them when you see something. Then, your brain will learn to ignore them too. However, if you noticed that your eye floaters increased suddenly, you shall consult an doctor because it may caused by some eye diseases.

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