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Does eye strain make you tired?

After working with my computer for a whole afternoon, i got eye strain. My eyes feel a little burning and dry. And it make me look tired. Also, i feel tired, too. Why? Can eye strain cause tiredness?
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  • CeCe Bazel

    It make your eyes tired after a long day's hard work. and naturally you get eye strain, It will make you feel burning and dry in your eyes. In my opinion, tiredness does cause eye strain, but eye strain is not the cause of tiredness completely. And your tiredness and eye strain may be caused by your whole afternoon's hard work.
  • Carlos quick

    From your description, it is normal that you feel tired and eye strain. And those symptoms are very common for people who work with computer for a long time. Right now, you need have a good rest to help you release tiredness and eye strain. To help your dry and burning eyes, you can apply eye drops that work good for most of people. BTW, you shall take a break every hour regularly if you continuous work with computer, thus to help you reduce the risks of eye strain and tiredness.

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