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Can I continue to wear my contact lenses while I have pink eye?

I got pink eyes. But i need contact lenses for vision aids. I hate to wear eyeglasses. Can i continue to wear my contact lenses right now? Or it make my pink eyes more serious?
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  • charles

    I am afraid that you can't wear your old contacts any more, because pink eye is very contagious, if you reuse them, you may pass on the infection that make your pink eyes more serious. so you'd better throw them away. On the contrary, if you don't wear them, it will help your eyes healing quicker. So I suggest you to wear a pair of glasses these days. Also I think you'd better stay at home these days, because others may get the disease because of you.   
  • Susan

    Absolutely no, because contacts will make the situation worse, and you should throw them right now, because pink eye is caused by bacterial infection. And wearing contact lenses can make the bacterial infection more serious. You shall apply some antibiotic eye drops to help your pink eyes fight against the bacterial infection. Here you may say that you will wear new contacts, I advise you not to do this until your eyes are healthy again, because they may cause complications.
  • Rebecca

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    Pink eye is a specific term for a viral infection of the conjunctiva. Many people refer to a red eye as "pink eye," when in fact it may not be a viral infection. Pink eye is very contagious and contact lenses should not be worn if this is present so the infection does not linger and can resolve quicker.

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