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Austin gerard

Can you get lasik with keratoconus?

I got keratoconus, But i also have poor vision, I wonder can i take lasik eye surgery to help my vision? Any idea?

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  • Benji

    The keratoconus is a diseases that happen to the cornea of the eyes. Our eyes have fibers that hold the cornea in place. But when the fibers become weak, the cornea will be out of shape and usually gradually become more cone shaped. For patient with keratoconus, it is very dangerous to take lasik eye surgery since this surgery is work on your cornea. There, patient with keratoconus are not the candidate of lasik eye surgery. Personally, you'd better wear prescription eyeglasses for vision aids. Also, contact lenses are avoid for your eyes in case any damages to your cornea.
  • handyhands

    Keratoconus is an problems happen on the cornea of the eyes. So, you are not suggested to receive lasik eye surgery when you have Keratoconus for the sake of your eyes. Also, this eye diseases can run in families. If you have Keratoconus, your children are also risks of Keratoconus. Also, this eye diseases often happen to teenagers. So, you'd better take your children for an eye check regularly starting at 10 years old.

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