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Arianna walker

What kind of trauma can cause a fixed pupil?

Last week, I badly hurt my left eye, I am afraid it may cause a fixed pupil, is that possible? if not, then what kind of trauma can cause a fixed pupil?
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Answers (2)

  • csky4

    Oh, i am sorry to heard that you hurt your eyes. It is possible to cause a fixed pupil if you hurt your eyes badly. If you hurt your left eyes very bad that cause damages to the iris sphincter muscle, you probably get a fixed pupils. If so, you'd better see an ophthalmologist for a thorough examination so as to know your eye condition. Hope you are OK soon.
  • Kate

    In common, trauma to the brain can cause a fixed pupil. Besides, head injury cataract removal and corneal transplant can also be the cause of a fixed pupils. And a hurt for the eyes is possible to cause fixed pupils. If you hurt your left eye badly, you'd better consult an ophthalmologist to help the eyes. So, far, i heard that operations is available to improve the dilation. If you get your eyes hurt, treat it immediately.

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