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Jose joyce

Mono Vision Contact Lenses VS Bifocal Contacts, do you have any experience with either or both?

I am currently "trying" to work with mono-vision contact lenses. I have worn them for 5 days, and find them very difficult to see with. One lens is for close up, the other is for distance. Its difficult to adjust, and I am having no luck. I normally wear bi-focal glasses. I am looking for suggestions or your own personal experience with either or both of these contact lens methods.

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  • it is unavoidably for you to have problem in getting used to the monovision contacts as most people do . Sometimes it may even take a couple of week's adjustments to get your vision acceptable. Allow yourself more time to adapt .but if you feel any discomfort during the process ,visit your doctor . I had experience with bifocal contacts and they are easy to get used . it may be better for you to wear bifocal contacts as you wear bifocal glasses before .

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