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Zoe may

How to cure sore eyes after crying?

I am a sensitive girl. I often cry a lot. Can you tell me how to cure my sore eyes?
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  • Katelyn

    Dear friend, you can drink a lot of water after crying, because you may lose a lot of water when you are crying, so your eyes may become sore and dry. You can use some artificial tears too. It can help to moisten your eyes. You over use your eye muscles when you are crying, this may lead to sore too. You can do some eye exercise. I think your symptom will disappear after a night's good sleep.
  • cwalsman

    Girl, I want to know what caused your sore eyes. If they are caused by repetitive rubbing, you can relieve your symptom as long as you don't rub them again. If you had got some infections when you rub your eyes anymore, you need to see the eye doctor. They will give you some eye drops to deal with your problem.

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