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why is my vision getting blurry sometimes ?

My vision gets blurry recently. It appears now and then. I don't know why. Can you tell me why the vision gets blurry? What are the possible causes and how to cure it?
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  • b0rn2bxcrazii

    When did your blurry vision happen? If you are reading for too long, and then you suddenly stand up and go away from your book, you may get blurry vision at this time, because the muscles in our eyes are comfortable in this particular position. It need some time to adjust to another position. You can deal this in a very easy way. You just need to rest your eyes or look at the distance every half an hour when you are reading.
  • Sharron Green

    My mum told me that blurry vision can be a sign of decreased vision. I suggest you to have your eyesight checked by your eye doctor. Usually we should have our eyes examined every year or so. This can prevent the worsening of eye problems or vision problems. That will also help to determine whether glasses are needed.

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