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how long can u wear contact lenses for?

I only bought a pair of contact lenses. But I have to work 13 hours or more every day. Is it ok for me to wear contact lenses for such a long time? Will they be overused and change the shape?

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  • cristoph

    Oh, guy, I'd like to tell you that you can't wear contacts for such a long time though they will not change their shape for long time use. I think it will cause many problems for you. We all know that contacts are easy to lead to dry eye. Your eyes will be dry and itching if you wear them for a long time. But you can use artificial tears to relieve the dryness.
  • cristoph

    I think you can wear contacts for all day long if you want. But usually doctors will recommend only 8 hours or less. I often wear mine from 7:00am and take them off at nearly 8pm. if you really need your contacts to help with your work, you can ask your eye doctor to prescribe some drops for your contacts and dry eye symptoms. And don't sleep with them, because if you do this, you are at high risk of getting eye infections and you will feel that the contacts glued to your eyes.

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