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How to Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays ?

I heard that UV rays are bad for our eyes. How can I protect my eyes from the damage of UV rays? Any suggestions?
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  • Heather Kirk


    There are two important ways to protect our eyes from UV rays: first, we must know the dangers of UV rays; second, we can wear appropriate eye protection or hats to block UV rays. We may think that UV rays are just come from the sun. But actually, they radiate directly from the sun and also reflected from other parts such as the ground, water, sand, snow and other bright surfaces.
  • carter


    You can use eyewear or a brimmed hat to protect your eyes. Choose the eyewear that can absorb UV rays for they can give you the most protection. You should choose the UV-blocking lens materials, photochromic lenses, coatings. Many people think that sunglasses will cost us a lot, but actually they will not cost us a lot of money. And they can make us see things more clearly.