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Gabriel leonard

What medicine is used to treat bacterial pink eye?

I guess i got bacterial pink eye. How can i cure it? Is there any medicine that can help me cure it quickly?

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  • John Rodriguez

    There are eye drops for bacterial pink eyes. But I think you have to ask doctors for more information because you are not sure you just got bacterial pink eye. If you got the contagious pink eye, you may need to eye drops for viral. But no matter what kind of pink eye you may get, you can apply some artificial tears to moisten your eyes first. And then see an eye doctor immediately.
  • baker

    For bacterial pink eye, the doctor often prescribes an antibiotic to attack the bacteria. We can treat bacterial pink eye in eye drops or ointments. Bacterial pink eye is the most common types of pink eye, so don't worry too much. It usually improves on its own over the course of several weeks. But sometimes, it may cause cloudy spots in the cornea. So you'd better have your eyes checked by a professional doctor first and then apply appropriate treatment.

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