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Jade scott


My Eye Is Red and Glossy! What Can I Do ?

Oh, my eyes are red and glossy for at least two days. What's wrong with my eyes? Is it an eye disease? How to cure this?
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  • Christian george


    Dear friend, you may get an eye infection. You can apply some artificial tears to wash your eyes. If it is caused by an eye allergy, usually we need to avoid allergens or wash them out and then the symptom will totally disappear on its own after few days. But if you got the pink eye, you may need to have your eyes checked to see whether you got the contagious kind of pink eye for it is more serious than other inflammations and may need prescribed medical treatment.
  • Savannah taylor


    The causes of red, glassy eyes can be a combination of things. Allergies, dry eyes blepharitis may cause red and glassy eyes. There are some home remedies that will help with your symptoms. If it was caused by allergies, you could pin down the offending objects (allergens). If it was caused by dry eyes, you could apply some artificial tears or drink plenty of water to lubricate your eyeballs. If it was caused by blepharitis, you could apply daily lid scrubs combined with warm compresses to relieve your symptoms. But I still suggest you to have your eyes checked by an eye doctor first.