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Blanca C.


How Long after Cataract Surgery Can I Get New Glasses?

I had cataract surgery last week. Now I have blurred visions. Some people told me that this will go away on its own. But I want to know how long it will take to have clear vision and when can I have a pair of new glasses?
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  • Minaxi Patel


    Maybe you can get a pair of new glasses one month after you had cataract surgery. But the cases may vary from person to person. As to some people who recover fast, they may get a pair of new glasses within a month but to those who have poor health or get an infection during the recovering time, they need to wait for more days. I strongly suggest you to buy a pair of computer glasses and a pair of sunglasses. We know that the reflection from the computer and the UV rays from the sun will do great damage to our eyes, so you can use Computer Glasses and sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  • Victor Lee


    Cataract surgery is done to remove the opacified lens. Typically you'll return to the surgeon's office the next day for your first post op visit. You'll then either return 1 week and / or 1 month after the surgery. The surgeons I've worked with test for your new prescription 1 month after surgery. Cataract surgery may eliminate your need for glasses for distance work, but you'll still need glasses for computer and near work (like reading), which is 16 inches and farther away. If you're blurry and haven't had your post op visits, see your doctor to check for any internal swelling or other post op complications.
  • Judy


    Vision is usually improved the day after cataract surgery. Maximum improvement is usually achieved when new glasses are prescribed, about a month after cataract surgery, you can get the new glasses.
  • walfor


    Dear friend, do you have your first post op visit. If you have, then you can return one week or one month after the cataract surgery to have your eyes tested. Many people will have blurred vision after cataract surgery for the cell remains need some time to be flushed out by tears or blood vessels in our eyes need some time to recover. You need to protect your eyes and avoid being infected for your eyes are especially delicate at this moment. You can have your new glasses after you have stable eyesight.