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How long does pink eye take to go away with antibiotics?

I have red and itchy eyes. My doctor gave me some antibiotic eye drops. I have used them for 3 days already. but the symptoms are still there. what's wrong? My eyes look terrible. How long does pink eye take to go away with antibiotics? Do you have any better suggestions?
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  • b0ycrazzy


    Usually it will take almost 4-5 days before the situation goes better. Many people will relieve the symptoms with antibiotics with just 3 days. But as to those who are not lucky enough, the situation will totally depend on the person and how serious the condition is. If your situation persists or goes worse, you may need to see an eye doctor again. Hope you will be fine soon!
  • Noah james


    Last summer I got pink eye from my brother. I treat it with antibiotics and four days later my symptoms go away. But my brother got it for nearly one week. His situation was pretty bad. But I think your symptoms will go away in the end so as long you persist on using antibiotics.
  • Kelly gary


    Dear friend, I suggest you to have your eyes checked by another doctor. I doubt that whether antibiotics can relieve your symptoms or not. You can also apply some home remedies to relieve your irritated eyes at the same time. You can apply a warm compress on your closed eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. You can do this for 4-5 times every day. You can also use preservative-free artificial tears too. If your infection is related to a cold, you may need to see your health care provider for some medicines to treat with your cold at the same time.
  • Danai P.


    I think the pink eye caused by a virus usually will go away few weeks later. Viral conjunctivitis does not respond to antibiotics. And you also needn't apply special treatment for it because it will disappear on its own. You just need to apply artificial tears to relieve your symptoms. But if the pink eye is caused by bacteria, doctors will give us antibiotic eye drops or ointment to relieve your symptoms. It will take a few days to clean up the redness as long as you treat your pink eye with antibiotics every day. Usually doctors will prescribe oral antibiotic for more stubborn infections. And the sexual partners need to apply the same medicines too. If the pink eye is caused by Chlamydia, it may take a month or more to relieve it. Hope you good luck!
  • walkingthesky


    Pink eye from a virus may last for up to three weeks. But usually many people will get better within a few days. Pink eye from bacterial usually improve quickly with antibiotics. Usually you can see apparent effect after 24- 48 hours. Pink eye from allergies usually get better after 24 hours after removing the allergens or get away from allergens.