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How does smoking affect your eyes?

It is said that smoking can affect our eyes. I am a beginner. Can you tell me how smoking affect my eyes if I persist on smoking?
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  • Alexa

    Dear, smoking can tint the whites of your eyes. After long time of smoking, say about 10 years, you may have yellow tints on the whites of your eyes. We know that the whites of our eyes will become less bright when we get older, but most of us want to make them brighter. If you stop smoking at this time, it can save your eyes.
  • christy9589

    There is nicotine in the smoking weeds. I think nicotine can act like alcohol and make us excited. If we smoke heavily in the night, we will stay up too late in that night. We may have red eyes in the next day morning. Stay up too late or bad sleeping habit will not only lead to red eyes but also health problems.
  • Shelby rodney

    You may get irritated eyes. Smoking tobacco can work the same as alcohol in affecting the eyes. You may have bloodshot eyes after drinking and you may also suffer chronic redness in your eyes if you are a heavy smoker. If children inhale the tobacco smoke and even passive smoke, the tear film of their eyes can be changed, they may suffer from allergic eye condition or dry eye syndrome.
  • John eddy

    You may develop macular degeneration from smoking. It is said that the people who smokes have four times the risk of developing severe form of age related macular degeneration. As to those who smoked in the past may have three times the risk of developing a more severe form of macular degeneration. And smoking may increase the risk of developing cataracts, thyroid eye disease or optic neuropathy too.
  • b0ycrazzy

    The whites of your eyes may become yellow. Your eyes will look unhealthy because the people who have liver problems may have yellow eyes. And you may often suffer from red eyes. They will look horrible. Besides, you may damage your lung. Maybe you may catch the lung cancer. Though smoking won't lead to blindness but it may shorten your life span. So give up smoking right now.
  • Adriane

    Smoking may lead to arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries. This may lead to vascular disease. We know that there are many small blood vesicles in our eyes. If the occlusion happens in artery or vein or any kind of damages to optic nerve could lead to vision loss or blindness. But I think this only happens when the smoker get older because it will take some time for this disease to affect the vision.
  • Gabriel

    Smokes are bad for your health. And they will affect the health of your families. Smokes can tint your eyes, teeth and fingers. If you are a heavy smoker, it can do harm to your brain, lungs, heart, and even your sex life. If you often smoke in the night, you can't have good sleep. You may develop bags under your eyes.

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