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David garcia

Do you know the hottest trends in eyewear for 2014?

What's the hottest trends in eyewear for 2014? I want to get some info.

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  • Melanie smith

    There is a kind of trend that features vibrant blues, turquoises and teals. Frames such as Icon Eyewear (75364), Vera Wang (Asuka), Michael Stars ans Kaenon (602) go well with this kind of color.
  • Hae

    I think geeky chic opticals or oversized aviators will be the hottest trends for 2014. Glasses help us to see things more clearly and protect our precious eyes from the glare as well. But nowadays, people care about their style as well as their function. You can have a try. I bet they won't let you down.
  • emale2222

    Glasses are everyone's favorite accessory nowadays. So many people care about the trends of glasses in each year. According to the result of annual Eyewear Product & Trend Review for spring/summer 2014 that hosted by fashion forecaster Stylesight, there are four major trends which are The Instagram Look, The Mathematical Look, The Aquatic Look, The Garden Look.
  • Saarah

    I know a little about The Instagram Look. I heard that it is inspired by the latest craze in social media. It is said that the rosy tinted lenses from SPY (Bleeker), O'Neill (Driftwood) and Ferragamo (SF691SL) give wearers a filtered view of the world. Rosy tinted lenses, Mmm...maybe they looks beautiful. If I come across a pair of this kind of sunglasses, I will have a try.
  • walkingwounde_d

    Maybe this style will be very popular. The glasses emphasize geometric shapes. They place high emphasis on the brow bar. You can have a look at Marni's triangular lenses, Chloe's (CE638SL) hexagonal ones, Prada (PR09QS), Emporio Armani (EA4021) and Optic Nerve (Kincaid). Plus, these glasses belong to the mathematical look.
  • elliekate825

    Mui Mui (VMU07M) and Valentino (V681S) have earthy greens and vibrant pinks which are evocative of spring foliage. Dolce & Gabbana (DG4190), Lafont (Naiade) and Jonathan Paul (Ikara) offer new floral prints. If you are interested in the garden look, they are the best choices. Hope this helped!

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