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How much does Lasik surgery cost ? Does it cause pain during sugery ?

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  • Michael?


    It depends. I know it will cost us about 300 pounds per eye in England. But sometimes we can buy one and get one for free. I haven't had that kind of surgeries but I heard that it is absolute agony. Somebody also said that it went like open heart surgery without anaesthetic whilst had your teeth pulled and limbs amputated. Oh and being kicked in the nuts 100 times in quick succession. It sounds a little crazy. But I suggest you to consult your doctors for more info.


    Sweetie, I think it is necessary if you want to treat with your vision problems or eye problems. No matter what sufferings you may go through in the process of the surgery, you will feel better as long as you hold the belief that you will have perfect vision soon in your mind. You will go through it. As to the costs, I really don't know. If there isn't an enhancement after the surgery, it will cost you less. But some people can't achieve perfect vision in first surgery so they may need to have another small surgery.
  • Rebecca


    The surgery costs several thousand dollars. Laser eye surgery is not permanent. As we age, our eyesight continues to change and even the most successful surgery may need to be redone later in time if the eyesight changes and deteriorates at a normal rate due to aging changes. There are no guarantees that you will not have to wear glasses after LASIK surgery. Especially if you are age 40 and up, you may need reading glasses for near work. Moreover, there will not pain during sugery.
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