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What does pterygium look like?

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  • hands4god

    Pterygium is a kind of eye problem. If you doubt that you have something unfamiliar in your eyes, you'd better google ”pterygium“ on the internet to find some images, then you can compare your situation with these images to see whether is pterygium or not. But I still suggest you to visit your eye doctor immediately if you feel discomfort in your eyes or your vision changes dramatically.
  • handril

    Pterygium looks like a piece of thin flesh or wing of an insect. It can continue growing until it covers the pupil and block our vision. So it is a kind of disease that we must pay attention to and treat with it timely.
  • Austin gerard

    It is easy to recognize them. Sometimes, a pterygium causes no symptoms but the eye doctor can discover it according to its appearance. It won't affect your vision nor cause any pain. But an enlarging pterygium may cause redness and inflammation. So have our eyes checked regularly is very important.
  • Rebecca

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    If you suspect you have a pterygium, it is important you come in for an eye examination. Most Pterygiums are described aspinkish or flesh colored tissue that emerges from the inner corner of your eye and grows towards the cornea, eventually impairing your vision.

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