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Lasik surgery

I had laser treatment done December 26 2013. My vision is much improved but there is still an issue with seeing something clear. No regrets on the procedure. I was prescribed eye drops that had steroid as an active ingredient. I finished the bottle and not using anymore. Could that be the cause of objects not being sometimes not being clear.

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  • classynottrashy

    Hi Juan, I strongly suggest you to consult your doctor immediately. It might be caused by eye drops but there might be other causes. We know that sometimes patients might need another small surgery which is called an enhancement that can help people see more clearly. But not all patients need that. So as to your situation, only the doctor can figure out what caused this and find an approperiate way to treat it.
  • Steve

    There might be many causes. So you'd better have your eyes checked right now to see what caused it and then apply for right treatment immediately. In some cases, an eye infection after lasik surgery could cause blurry vision. The best way to solve it is to have it diagnosed and then treat it in the right way. Hope this helped!
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    Actually, not everyone is a suitable candidate for LASIK eye surgery. There are some complications and side effects. Most of these problems can be resolved with medical treatment or additional "enhancement" surgery.So you need to ask for help from your doctor.

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