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Linda Sonna

What are "memory" glasses (metal and plastic)?

what are "memory" glasses (metal and plastic)?

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    Memory metal glasses. This is a titanium alloy composed of roughly 50% titanium and 50% nickel. Frames made of memory metal are extremely flexible, and can be twisted or bended to an extreme and still return to their original shape. This feature makes memory metal frames great for kids or anyone who is hard on their glasses.
  • Paige

    Memory glasses, that combine standard spectacles with a small computer. The glasses can be programmed with a number of pieces of information stored in message form. A mini television screen is also positioned on the glass in front of the eye that can receive light signals very quickly. So as not to be an annoyance or to get in the way of normal visual activities, the messages are flashed on the screen at 180th of a second. This means that they are not recognized by the retina because they are there and gone too quickly–but they are seen by the brain. Source:

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